In May 2017, the company was established, the brand was born.

In December 2018, created the hot-selling item negative ion hair dryer HL312 which is with good looking, monthly sales over 10,000 pcs.

In July 2019, created the first high-speed hair dryer in China. the initial crowd funding reached 10 million +

In December 2019, it topped the three major global design awards .

ln December 2020, in cooperation with top stylist artist Dongtian Li, the salon version of hair dryer HL907 was launched.

In October 2020,China's first air-styling curling iron VL6 created.

In November 2020, high-speed hair dryer HL906 hit 11.11, ranking Top 1 category.

In January 2021, in cooperation with the top technology lP China Aerospace . Space Creation, the intelligent high-speed hair dryer HL908 was launched.

In March 2021, the Wind styling curling iron VL6 was popular on Women’s Day, honored the domestic high-end curling wand industry Top1.

2021 August, cooperate with the top cartoon IP LNEFRIENDS, launched water lon hair dryer HL610.

In March 2022, Innovated shape design, launched 1-shape hair dryer, ZHIBAI high-speed water ion hair dryer HLX1.

In March 2023, innovated style design, launched vintage style hair dryer, ZHIBAI double ion high-speed hair dryer S1.