ZHIBAI high speed hair dryer HL9 goes online

2020-06-22 14:43:07 直白管理员 74

In July 2019, HL9, ZHIBAI high-speed hair dryer, was launched on The crowdfunding platform of Xiaomi Youpin. Within 30 minutes of its launch, HL9 completed the crowdfunding task, selling 14,000 units with a sales volume of up to 11.2 million yuan.

HL9 adopts the core technologies such as innovative 100,000-turn digital motor V-Max, intelligent temperature control technology and variable frequency wind temperature technology, realizing the technological breakthrough of "from nothing to something" for domestic high-speed hair dryer, bringing a new hair care experience for domestic consumers.It also symbolises the successful transformation of ZHIBAI to a domestic high-end hair dryer brand.

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