ZHIBAI brand officially entered Tmall, ZHIBAI personal care flagship store surprise online

2020-06-22 14:50:28 直白管理员 52

In June 2018, the Chinese female professional personal care brand ZHIBAI officially entered Tmall, marking the grand opening of ZHIBAI personal care flagship store.This is the first Tmall official flagship store opened by ZHIBAI brand since its establishment, and also the first important layout of the brand in the development of the Internet.

In order to bring more convenient online purchasing experience to users, ZHIBAI will expand more sales channels in the future, so that our users can get ZHIBAI latest product information anytime and anywhere and get professional online services.

Through online, more friends will be exposed to ZHIBAI products and understand the concept of ZHIBAI

ZHIBAI provides beauty solutions for a new generation of young women

Make life more delicate and make yourself more beautiful

ZHIBAI exists to make you more beautiful

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