ZHIBAI be a member of Xiaomi ecological chain enterprises: company completed angel round financing

2020-07-03 15:32:33 直白管理员 97

In April 2017, Lexiu Technology won the favor of Xiaomi, obtained the investment of Xiaomi Technology under Lei Jun, Shunwei Capital and Sichuan Dingxiang Capital, completed the angel round financing, and directly became a member of Xiaomi Ecological chain enterprise!

These three capitals are all star capitals in the investment industry and have invested many listed companies. This investment has provided financial support for the steady development of Lexiu Technology in the early stage.

Lexiu Technology is a national high-tech enterprise integrating product design,R&D, manufacturing and sales.It owns two major brands, "ZHIBAI" and "Rosou", and its products cover three fields of personal care, household appliances and cleaning appliances.

The company's founding and R&D teams are all from Philips, Panasonic, Midea, Joyoung and other well-known domestic companies, covering top talents in product design, user experience, technology development, supply chain management, manufacturing product control, brand marketing and after-sales service.

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