Hair dryer industry phenomenon web celebrity single product - HL312

2020-06-22 14:52:14 166

In pursuit of extreme innovation and aesthetics, the first anion hair dryer, HL312, was launched in June 2018.HL312 mainly features quick-drying, hair care and styling functions, and has an immortals appearance level and top-level hair care functions.

This hair dryer has a high concentration of 20 million anions, to smooth hair frizz, improve hair static problems.Innovative 6 wing fan blade, equipped with global high-end brand - Japan Marlboro to strong DC motor, blow out salon-level large air volume, achieve fast dry hair.

Its delicate and small shape subversions the old-fashioned appearance of the traditional hair dryer and creates a fashionable and atmospheric image. HL312, with its super high appearance level, is highly recommended by bloggers on various platforms and becomes a hot seller on hot style.

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