The company has officially entered the ranks of national high-tech enterprises

2023-08-08 16:14:37 直白管理员 84

In November 2019, after a series of screening and strict examination, the company was successfully recognized as a "National high-tech Enterprise", thus officially entering the ranks of national high-tech enterprises!


The recognition of high-tech enterprises is a comprehensive assessment and recognition of the company's core independent intellectual property rights, the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements, the organization and management level of research and development, growth indicators and talent structure, and the examination is very strict.It shows that we are recognized by the country in the new generation of technological innovation and research and development.

ZHIBAI has been adhering to the advanced technology service life, pay tribute to the aesthetic product design concept, the accumulation of outstanding backbone technical personnel.In the future, under the guidance of the brand concept of "infusing heart and building ingenuity", we will strive to become the leading female personal care brand in China, provide customers with more valuable products and services, and develop intelligent technology to become a stepping stone for every woman on the road to beauty!