ZHIBAI was founded in February 2017

Is a professional female personal care brand of Hangzhou Lexiu Electronic Technology co., LTD.

Main high speed hair dryer, three-layer hydrating hair dryer, anion hair dryer series hair dryer

And the expansion of curling iron, electric toothbrush, waterpik, automatic dispenser and other products

ZHIBAI products have repeatedly won German red dot design awards

More than 100 patents have been applied for

It has covered major social e-commerce and we-media e-commerce platforms

ZHIBAI advocate that women have the courage to blossom their own beauty, do the most beautiful themselves

ZHIBAI- exists to make you more beautiful



ZHIBAI parent company - Hangzhou Lexiu Electronic Technology co. LTD

Has obtained the Xiaomi technology, shunwei capital and other institutional investment

Is one of the Xiaomi ecological chain enterprises

In 2019, it obtains ISO9001 system certification and national high-tech enterprise certification

The company's core founding team and R&D design team

Are composed of professionals from Jiuyang, Midea, Philips, Panasonic and other first-tier household appliances enterprises

Deeply engaged in product design, user experience, technology development, supply chain management, brand marketing, etc for more than 20 years

Has the top research and development strength and the rich industry experience

The team is committed to creating products with both aesthetic and technological attributes

Always adhering to the concept of "heart into, ingenuity into"

Provide beauty solutions for a new generation of young women

Brand concept

ZHIBAI Bloom your beauty

Brand concept: beauty is from the inside out, from head to toe every part of the perfect, ZHIBAI advocate the courage to bloom beauty, do more beautiful yourself, adhering to the "heart into, ingenuity built into" concept, committed to the new generation of Chinese women to provide beauty solutions


Brand history

In April 2018, ZHIBAI Xiaomi Youpin product store was launched.

In June 2018, ZHIBAI TMALL flagship store officially opened.

In May 2019, ZHIBAI three-layer hydrating hair dryer was launched.

In July 2019, ZHIBAI high-speed hair dryer was launched in China.

In September 2019, ZHIBAI layout of the east China market.

In September 2019, the straight hair curler was launched.

In October 2019, the flagship store of JD opened.

In January 2020, ZHIBAI layout of the south China market.

2020, ZHIBAI layout of overseas markets.


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If you share our vision, mission, and values, you are willing to move forward with us

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